Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iOS8:Framework:Map Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Initializing a Directions Object
  • Getting the Directions
Directions Request
  • Creating a Directions Request Object
  • Accessing the Start and End Points
  • Specifying Transportation Options
Directions Response
  • Getting the End Points
  • Getting the Route Information
ETA Response
  • Getting the End Points
  • Getting the Travel Time
Local Search
  • Initializing a Search Request
  • Performing the Search
Local Search Request
  • Configuring the Search Parameters
Local Search Response
  • MethodGroup
Map Camera
  • Getting a Camera Object
  • Configuring the Viewing Angle
Map Item
  • Creating and Initializing Map Items
  • Accessing the Map Item Attributes
  • Launching the Maps App
Map Snapshot
  • Getting the Snapshot Image
  • Getting Points on the Image
Map Snapshot Options
  • Configuring the Map Data
  • Configuring the Image Output
Map Snapshotter
  • Initializing a Snapshotter Object
  • Generating a Snapshot
Overlay Renderer
  • Initializing an Overlay View
  • Attributes of the Overlay
  • Converting Points on the Map
  • Drawing the Overlay
Overlay Path Renderer
  • Accessing the Drawing Attributes
  • Creating and Managing the Path
  • Drawing the Path
Circle Renderer
  • Initializing the Renderer Object
  • Accessing the Overlay Object
Polygon Renderer
  • Initializing a Polygon Renderer
  • Accessing the Polygon Overlay Object
Polyline Renderer
  • Initializing the Polyline Renderer
  • Accessing the Polyline Overlay
Tile Overlay Renderer
  • Initializing a Tile Renderer
  • Reloading the Tile Data
Reverse Geocoder
  • Initializing the Reverse Geocoder
  • Accessing Reverse Geocoder Attributes
  • Managing the Search
  • Getting the Route Geometry
  • Getting Additional Route Details
Route Step
  • Getting the Step Geometry
  • Getting Additional Step Details
  • Accessing the Shape Attributes
  • Creating a Circle Overlay
  • Accessing the Overlay’s Attributes
Multi Point
  • Accessing the Points in the Shape
  • Getting Coordinate Values
  • Creating a Polygon Overlay
  • Accessing the Interior Polygons
  • Creating a Polyline Overlay
Geodesic Polyline
  • Creating a Geodesic Polyline Overlay
Point Annotation
  • Accessing the Annotation’s Location
Tile Overlay
  • Initializing a Tile Overlay
  • Accessing the Tile Attributes
  • Customizing the Loading of Tiles
User Location
  • Determining the User’s Position
  • Accessing the User Annotation Text
Distance Formatter
  • Converting Distances
  • Specifying the Format
  • Initializing a Placemark Object
  • Accessing the Placemark Attributes
Annotation View (Responder)
  • Initializing and Preparing the View
  • Getting and Setting Attributes
  • Managing the Selection State
  • Managing Callout Views
  • Supporting Drag Operations
Pin Annotation View (Responder)
  • Getting and Setting Attributes
Map View (Responder)
  • Accessing Map Properties
  • Accessing the Delegate
  • Manipulating the Visible Portion of the Map
  • Configuring the Map’s Appearance
  • Displaying the User’s Location
  • Annotating the Map
  • Managing Annotation Selections
  • Accessing Overlays
  • Adding and Inserting Overlays
  • Removing Overlays
  • Converting Map Coordinates
  • Adjusting Map Regions and Rectangles
Overlay View (Responder)
  • Initializing an Overlay View
  • Attributes of the Overlay
  • Converting Points on the Map
  • Drawing the Overlay
Overlay Path View (Responder)
  • Accessing the Drawing Attributes
  • Creating and Managing the Path
  • Drawing the Path
Circle View (Responder)
  • Initializing the Overlay View
  • Accessing the Overlay
Polygon View (Responder)
  • Initializing a Polygon View
  • Accessing the Polygon Overlay
Polyline View (Responder)
  • Initializing the Polyline View
  • Accessing the Polyline Overlay
User Tracking Bar Button Item
  • Initializing the Bar Button Item
  • Accessing the Owning Map
Annotation (Protocol)
  • Position Attributes
  • Title Attributes
Map View Delegate (Protocol)
  • Responding to Map Position Changes
  • Loading the Map Data
  • Tracking the User Location
  • Managing Annotation Views
  • Dragging an Annotation View
  • Selecting Annotation Views
  • Managing the Display of Overlays
Overlay (Protocol)
  • Describing the Overlay Geometry
  • Determining Map Intersections
  • Optimizing Map Rendering
Reverse Geocoder Delegate (Protocol)
  • Processing Placemark Searches
  • Making Coordinate Structures
  • Making Map Point Structures
  • Converting Between Data Types
  • Getting Map Units
  • Getting Points Along a Map Rectangle
  • Comparing Map Values
  • Modifying Map Rectangles
  • Getting Strings for Map Values
  • Determining Map Boundaries