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Monday, September 29, 2014

iOS:main.m AppDelegate.h AppDelegate.m


#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

#import "AppDelegate.h"

int main(int argc, char * arv[])
    @autoreleasepool {
        return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, NSStringFromClass([AppDelegate class]));


#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder 

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;



#import "AppDelegate.h"

@implementation AppDelegate
- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
    return YES;

- (void)applicationWillResignActive:(UIApplication *)application

-(void)applicationDidEnterBackground:(UIApplication *)application

- (void)applicationWillEnterForeground:(UIApplication *)application

- (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application

- (void)applicationWillTerminate:(UIApplication *)application


Friday, September 26, 2014

iOS8:Framework:OpenAL Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework

iOS8:Framework:Mobile Core Services Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework

iOS8:Framework:JavaScriptCore Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework

Managed Value


Virtual Machine

Export (Protocol)

iOS8:Framework:Web Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Back Forward List
  • Getting List Items
  • Getting Sublists
Back Forward List Item
  • Inspecting Item Information
Frame Info
  • Inspecting Frame Information

Navigation Action
  • Inspecting Navigation Information
  • Inspecting User Actions
Navigation Response
  • Inspecting Response Information
  • Setting Rendering Preferences
  • Setting Java and JavaScript Preferences
Process Pool

Script Message
  • Inspecting Message Information
User Content Controller
  • Adding Message Handlers
  • Adding and Removing User Scripts
User Script
  • Initializing a Script
  • Inspecting Script Information
Web View Configuration
  • Configuring the New Web View’s Properties
  • Setting Rendering Preferences
  • Setting Media Playback Preferences
  • Setting Selection Granularity
Window Features
  • Inspecting Window +Position and Dimensions
  • Inspecting Visibility Properties
Web View (Responder)
  • Initializing a Web View
  • Inspecting Web View Information
  • Setting Delegates
  • Loading Content
  • Navigating
  • Sending Interface Builder Action Messages
  • Executing JavaScript
Navigation Delegate (Protocol)
  • Tracking Load Progress
  • Deciding Load Policy
Script Message Handler (Protocol)
  • Receiving Messages
UI Delegate (Protocol)
  • Creating a Web View
  • Displaying UI Panels

iOS8:Framework:Scene Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Creating Actions That Move a Node
  • Creating Actions That Rotate a Node
  • Creating Actions That Change a Node’s Scale
  • Creating Actions That Change a Node’s Opacity
  • Creating Actions That Remove Nodes from the Scene
  • Creating Actions That Combine or Repeat Other Actions
  • Creating Actions That Add Delays to Action Sequences
  • Creating Custom Actions
  • Reversing an Action
  • Adjusting an Action’s Animation Properties
Animation Event
  • Creating an Animation Event
  • Creating a Camera
  • Managing Camera Attributes
  • Adjusting Camera Perspective
  • Managing the Camera Projection
  • Adjusting Depth of Field Effects
  • Choosing Nodes to Be Visible to the Camera
  • Tuning a Constraint’s Effect on Nodes
IK Constraint
  • Creating an Inverse Kinematics Constraint
  • Adjusting the Constraint’s Limits of Motion
  • Applying Inverse Kinematics to the Constrained Node
Look at Constraint
  • Creating a Look-At Constraint
  • Modifying a Constraint
Transform Constraint
  • Creating a Transform Constraint
  • Creating a Custom Geometry
  • Managing Geometry Attributes
  • Managing a Geometry’s Materials
  • Managing Geometry Data
  • Working with Subdivision Surfaces
  • Creating a Box
  • Adjusting a Box’s Dimensions
  • Configuring Box Properties
  • Adding Rounded Edges and Corners
  • Creating a Capsule
  • Adjusting a Capsule’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Cone
  • Adjusting a Cone’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Cylinder
  • Adjusting a Cylinder’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Floor
  • Adding Reflections to a Floor
  • Creating a Plane
  • Adjusting a Plane’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Adding Rounded Corners
  • Creating a Pyramid
  • Adjusting a Pyramid’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Shape
  • Modifying a Shape
  • Chamfering a Shape
  • Creating a Sphere
  • Adjusting a Sphere’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Text Geometry
  • Managing the Geometry’s Text Content
  • Managing Text Layout
  • Managing the Text’s 3D Representation
  • Creating a Torus
  • Adjusting a Torus’ Dimensions
  • Configuring Torus Properties
  • Creating a Tube
  • Adjusting a Tube’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
Geometry Element
  • Creating a Geometry Element
  • Inspecting a Geometry Element
Geometry Source
  • Creating a Geometry Source
  • Inspecting a Geometry Source
Hit Test Result
  • Retrieving Information About a Hit-Test Result
Level of Detail
  • Creating a Level of Detail
  • Inspecting a Level of Detail
  • Creating a Light
  • Modifying a Light’s Appearance
  • Managing Light Attributes
  • Managing Light Attenuation
  • Managing Spotlight Extent
  • Managing Shadows Cast by the Light
  • Choosing Nodes to be Illuminated by the Light
  • Creating a Material
  • Configuring a Material’s Visual Properties
  • Customizing a Material
Material Property
  • Creating a Material Property
  • Working with Material Property Contents
  • Configuring Texture Mapping Attributes

  • Specifying Morph Targets
  • Blending between Morph Targets
  • Changing Interpolation Mode
  • Creating a Node
  • Managing Node Attributes
  • Working with Node Animation
  • Managing the Node’s Transformation
  • Modifying the Node Visibility
  • Managing the Node Hierarchy
  • Searching the Node Hierarchy
  • Customizing Node Rendering
  • Adding Physics to a Node
  • Working with Particle Systems
  • Copying a Node
  • Hit-Testing
  • Converting Between Node Coordinate Spaces
Particle Property Controller
  • Creating a Property Controller
  • Managing the Controller’s Animation
Particle System
  • Creating a Particle System
  • Managing Particle Emission Timing
  • Managing Particle Emission Locations
  • Managing Particle Motion
  • Specifying Particle Appearance
  • Animating Particle Images
  • Simulating Physics for Particles
  • Spawning Additional Particle Systems
  • Managing Particle Rendering
  • Controlling Particle Simulation
  • Modifying Particles in Response to Particle System Events
  • Modifying Particles Over Time
Physics Behavior

Physics Ball Socket Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Ball and Socket Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Ball and Socket Joint
Physics Hinge Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Hinge Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Hinge Joint
Physics Slider Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Slider Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Slider Joint
  • Limiting the Motion of a Slider Joint
  • Applying Forces and Torques
Physics Vehicle (Behavior)
  • Creating a Vehicle
  • Working with a Vehicle’s Physical Characteristics
  • Driving a Vehicle
Physics Body
  • Creating Physics Bodies
  • Defining How Forces Affect a Physics Body
  • Defining a Body’s Physical Properties
  • Working with Collisions
  • Applying Forces, Impulses, and Torques
  • Managing a Body’s Motion
  • Synchronizing a Physics Body with its Node
Physics Contact
  • Inspecting the Contact Properties
Physics Field
  • Creating Physics Fields
  • Creating Custom Physics Fields
  • Specifying a Field’s Area of Effect
  • Specifying a Field’s Behavior
  • Choosing Physics Bodies to Be Affected by the Field
Physics Shape
  • Creating Physics Shapes
  • Combining Physics Shapes
Physics Vehicle Wheel
  • Creating a Wheel
  • Managing a Wheel’s Connection to a Vehicle
  • Simulating Wheel Size
  • Simulating Traction
  • Simulating Suspension
  • Inspecting the Wheel Node
Physics World
  • Managing the Physics Simulation
  • Registering Physics Behaviors
  • Detecting Contacts Between Physics Bodies
  • Searching for Physics Bodies
  • Creating a Program
  • Working with Shader Source Code
  • Mapping GLSL Symbols to SceneKit Semantics
  • Providing a Delegate Object
  • Managing Opacity
  • Creating a Renderer
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Rendering a Scene
  • Creating or Loading a Scene
  • Managing Animated Effects in a Scene
  • Accessing Scene Contents
  • Managing Scene Attributes
  • Adding Fog to a Scene
  • Working With Physics in the Scene
  • Working with Particle Systems in the Scene
Scene Source
  • Creating a Scene Source
  • Loading a Complete Scene
  • Loading and Inspecting Scene Elements
  • Getting Information about the Scene
  • Creating a Skinner Object
  • Working with a Skinned Geometry
  • Working with an Animation Skeleton
  • Creating a Technique
  • Combining Techniques
  • Retrieving a Technique’s Definition
  • Handling Parameters for a Technique’s Shader Programs
  • Creating and Committing Transactions
  • Overriding Animation Duration and Timing
  • Temporarily Disabling Property Animations
  • Getting and Setting Completion Block Objects
  • Managing Concurrency
  • Getting and Setting Transaction Properties
View (Responder)
  • Initializing a SceneKit View
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Configuring a View
  • Playing Action and Animation in a View’s Scene
  • Capturing a View Snapshot
  • Working with a View’s OpenGL ES Context
Actionable (Protocol)
  • Running Actions
  • Inspecting a Node’s Running Actions
  • Canceling a Node’s Running Actions
Animatable (Protocol)
  • Managing Animations
  • Pausing and Resuming Animations
Bounding Volume (Protocol)
  • Measuring an Object’s Bounding Volume
  • Overriding an Object’s Default Bounding Volume
Node Renderer Delegate (Protocol)
  • Customizing the Rendering of a Node
Physics Contact Delegate (Protocol)
  • Responding to Contact Events
Program Delegate (Protocol)
  • Handling Shader Compilation Errors
Scene Renderer (Protocol)
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Managing Scene Display
  • Managing Scene Animation Timing
  • Preloading Renderer Resources
  • Working with Projected Scene Contents
  • Participating in the Scene Rendering Process
  • Customizing Scene Rendering with OpenGL
  • Rendering Sprite Kit Content over a Scene
Scene Renderer Delegate (Protocol)
  • Adding Custom Logic to the Rendering Loop
  • Rendering Custom Scene Content with OpenGL
Shadable (Protocol)
  • Assigning a Custom Shader Program
  • Customizing SceneKit’s Shader Programs
  • Handling Parameters in Custom Programs
Technique Support (Protocol)
  • Specifying a Technique
  • Creating Vectors
  • Comparing Vectors
  • Converting Vector Data Types
  • Creating Matrices
  • Performing Mathematical Operations on Matrices
  • Comparing Matrices
  • Converting Matrix Data Types

iOS8:Framework:Push Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Push Credentials

Push Payload

Push Registry

Push Registry Delegate (Protocol)

iOS8:Framework:Photos UI:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Content Editing Controller (Protocol)

iOS8:Framework:Photos Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Adjustment Data
  • Creating an Adjustment
  • Identifying the Format of an Adjustment’s Data
  • Reading an Adjustment’s Data
Asset Change Request
  • Adding New Assets
  • Deleting Assets
  • Modifying Assets
  • Editing Asset Content
Asset Collection Change Request
  • Adding New Asset Collections
  • Deleting Asset Collections
  • Modifying Asset Collections
  • Getting Change Details
Collection List Change Request
  • Adding New Collection Lists
  • Deleting Collection Lists
  • Modifying Collection Lists
Content Editing Input
  • Getting Information About the Asset
  • Working with Previous Edits
  • Working with Photo Assets
  • Working with Video Assets
Content Editing Input Request Options
  • Specifying Edting Request Options
  • Fetching Asset Data from iCloud
Content Editing Output
  • Creating an Output Object to Edit an Existing Asset
  • Creating an Output Object to Edit a Newly Created Asset
  • Providing Edit and Adjustment Data
Fetch Options
  • Sorting and Filtering Fetch Results
  • Subscribing to Changes
  • Including Objects in Fetch Results
Fetch Result
  • Querying a Fetch Result
  • Finding Objects in a Fetch Result
  • Performing Operations with Objects in a Fetch Result
Fetch Result Change Details
  • Getting the Changed Fetch Result
  • Getting Change Information
  • Comparing Fetch Results
Image Manager
  • Getting the Image Manager
  • Requesting Images
  • Requesting Video Objects
  • Canceling a Request
Caching Image Manager
  • Preparing Images
  • Setting Cache Policy
Image Request Options
  • Scheduling an Image Request
  • Specifying Image Request Options
  • Fetching Image Data from iCloud
  • Identifying an Object
Asset (Object)
  • Fetching Assets
  • Reading Asset Metadata
  • Editing an Asset
  • Working with Burst Photo Assets
Collection (Object)
  • Fetching Collections
  • Reading Collection Metadata
  • Determining Collection Capabilities
Asset Collection (Object)
  • Fetching Asset Collections
  • Reading Asset Collection Metadata
  • Creating Temporary Asset Collections
Collection List (Object)
  • Fetching Collection Lists
  • Reading Collection List Metadata
  • Creating Temporary Collection Lists
Object Placeholder

Object Change Details
  • Getting the Changed Object
  • Getting Change Information
Photo Library
  • Verifying Authorization
  • Getting the Shared Photo Library Object
  • Applying Changes to the Photo Library
  • Observing Changes in the Photo Library
Video Request Options
  • Specifying Video Request Options
  • Fetching Video Data from iCloud
Photo Library Change Observer (Protocol)
  • Observing Photo Library Changes

iOS8:Framework:Notification Center Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Widget Controller
  • Getting a Widget Controller
  • Specifying the Presence of Content
Widget Providing (Protocol)
  • Customizing Margin Insets
  • Updating a Widget’s Contents

iOS8:Framework:Network Extension Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
VPN Manager

VPN Connection

VPN Protocol

VPN Protocol IPSec

VPN Protocol IKEv2

On Demand Rule

iOS8:Framework:Metal Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Describing the Argument
  • Describing a Buffer Argument
  • Describing a Texture Argument
  • Describing a Threadgroup Memory Argument
Array Type
  • Describing the Array Elements
  • Obtaining Details for Complex Array Elements
Compile Options
  • Specifying Compiler Option Properties
Compute Pipeline Reflection
  • Obtaining the Arguments of the Compute Function
Depth Stencil Descriptor
  • Specifying Depth Operations
  • Specifying Stencil Descriptors for Primitives
  • Identifying Properties
Render Pass Attachment Descriptor
  • Specifying the Texture for the Attachment
  • Specifying Rendering Pass Actions
  • Specifying the Texture to Resolve Multisample Data
Render Pass Color Attachment Descriptor
  • Specifying Clearing Value
Render Pass Depth Attachment Descriptor
  • Specifying Clearing Value
Render Pass Stencil Attachment Descriptor
  • Specifying the Stencil Clear Value
Render Pass Color Attachment Descriptor Array
  • Accessing the Description of a Color Attachment
Render Pass Descriptor
  • Creating a Default Render Pass Descriptor
  • Specifying the Attachments for a Rendering Pass
  • Specifying the Visibility Result Buffer
Render Pipeline Color Attachment Descriptor
  • Specifying Render Pipeline State
  • Controlling the Blend Operation
  • Specifying Blend Factors
Render Pipeline Color Attachment Descriptor Array
  • Accessing Render Pipeline State for a Color Attachment
Render Pipeline Descriptor
  • Specifying Rendering Pipeline State
  • Specifying Shader Functions and Associated Data
  • Enabling Rasterization
  • Specifying Multisampling Properties
  • Identifying Properties
Render Pipeline Reflection
  • Obtaining the Arguments of the Vertex Function
  • Obtaining the Arguments of the Fragment Function
Sampler Descriptor
  • Specifying Sampler Properties
  • Identifying Properties
Stencil Descriptor
  • Specifying Stencil Functions and Operations
  • Specifying Stencil Bit Mask Properties
Struct Member
  • Describing the Struct Member
  • Obtaining Member Details
Struct Type
  • Obtaining Struct Members
  • Obtaining a Struct Member by Name
Texture Descriptor
  • Creating Texture Descriptors
  • Specifying Texture Attributes
Vertex Attribute
  • Describing the Attribute
Vertex Attribute Descriptor
  • Organizing the Vertex Attribute
Vertex Attribute Descriptor Array
  • Accessing a Specified Vertex Attribute
Vertex Buffer Layout Descriptor
  • Organizing the Vertex Buffer Layout
Vertex Buffer layout Descriptor Array
  • Accessing a Specified Vertex Buffer Layout
Vertex Descriptor
  • Creating a New Vertex Descriptor
  • Setting Default Values
  • Accessing the Vertex Buffer Layouts and Vertex Attributes
Blit Command Encoder (Protocol)
  • Copying Data Between Two Buffers
  • Copying Data From a Buffer to a Texture
  • Copying Data Between Two Textures
  • Copying Data from a Texture to a Buffer
  • Performing Image Operations
Buffer (Protocol)
  • Creating a Texture That Shares Buffer Data
  • Locating the Buffer’s Storage
  • Properties
Command Buffer (Protocol)
  • Creating Command Encoders
  • Scheduling and Executing Commands
  • Monitoring Command Buffer Execution
  • Determining Whether to Keep Strong References to Associated Resource Objects
  • Identifying the Command Buffer
Command Encoder (Protocol)
  • Creating Command Buffers
  • Debugging with Xcode
  • Identifying Properties
Command Queue (Protocol)
  • Creating Command Buffers
  • Debugging with Xcode
  • Identifying Properties
Compute Command Encoder (Protocol)
  • Specifying the Compute Pipeline State
  • Specifying Resources for a Compute Function
  • Executing a Compute Function
Compute Pipeline State (Protocol)
  • Querying Threadgroup Attributes
  • Identifying Properties
Depth Stencil State (Protocol)
  • Identifying Properties
Device (Protocol)
  • Identifying Properties
  • Creating Metal Shader Libraries
  • Creating Command Queues
  • Creating Resources
  • Creating Command Objects Needed to Render Graphics
  • Creating Command Objects Needed to Perform Computational Tasks
Drawable (Protocol)
  • Presenting the Drawable
Function (Protocol)
  • Identifying the Function
  • Identifying the Device
  • Accessing Vertex Attributes
Library (Protocol)
  • Accessing a Function Within a Library
  • Querying Library Contents
  • Identifying Properties
Parallel Render Command Encoder (Protocol)
  • Creating a Render Command Encoder
Render Command Encoder (Protocol)
  • Setting Graphics Rendering State
  • Specifying Resources for a Vertex Function
  • Specifying Resources for a Fragment Function
  • Drawing Geometric Primitives
Render Pipeline State (Protocol)
  • Identifying Properties
Resource (Protocol)
  • Querying Memory Optimization Properties
  • Identifying Properties
  • Setting or Querying Resource Purgeability
Sampler State (Protocol)
  • Identifying Properties
Texture (Protocol)
  • Copying Data into a Texture Image
  • Copying Data from a Texture Image
  • Creating Textures by Reusing Image Data
  • Querying Texture Attributes
  • Obtaining the Preferred Device
  • Creating an Image Location or Region
  • Creating a Color to Clear an Attachment

iOS8:Framework:Local Authentication Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Evaluating Authentication Policies

iOS8:Framework:Home Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Managing Accessory Information
  • Managing Bridged Accessories
  • Getting and Setting the Delegate
Accessory Browser
  • Discovering Accessories
  • Getting and Setting the Delegate

Characteristic Write Action
  • New Methods
Action Set
  • Managing Action Sets
  • Information About a Characteristic
  • Receiving Notifications
  • Managing Values
Characteristic Metadata
  • Numeric Value Ranges
  • Format and Units
  • Description
  • New Methods
  • Information About the Home
  • Managing Accessories
  • Managing Rooms
  • Managing Zones
  • Managing Services
  • Managing Actions
  • Managing Users
  • Getting and Setting the Delegate
Home Manager
  • Managing Homes
  • Setting and Getting the Delegate
  • Managing Rooms
  • Managing Services
Service Group
  • Managing Service Groups
  • Managing Triggers
  • Managing Action Sets
Timer Trigger
  • Managing Timer Triggers
  • Managing the User Name
  • Managing Zones
Accessory Browser Delegate (Protocol)
  • Tracking New Accessories
Accessory Delegate (Protocol)
  • Observing Accessories
Home Delegate (Protocol)
  • Observing Home Configuration
  • Observing Service Configuration
  • Observing Action and Trigger Configuration
  • Observing Accessories
Home Manager Delegate (Protocol)
  • Monitoring Home Manager State Changes

iOS8:Framework:Health Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Biological Sex Object
  • Getting Biological Sex Data
Blood Type Object
  • Getting Blood Type Data
Health Store
  • Accessing HealthKit
  • Reading Characteristic Data
  • Working with HealthKit Objects
  • Working with Workouts
  • Querying HealthKit Data
  • Managing Background Delivery
  • Getting Properties
  • MethodGroup
  • New Methods
Category Sample (Object)
  • Creating Category Samples
  • Getting Property Data
Correlation (Sample Object)
  • Creating Correlations
  • Getting Correlation Data
Quantity Sample (Object)
  • Creating Quantity Samples
  • Getting Property Data
Workout (Sample Object)
  • Creating Workouts
  • Getting Property Data
Object Type
  • Creating Subclasses
  • Getting Property Data
Characteristic (Object) Type

Sample (Object) Type

Category (Sample Object) Type

Correlation (Sample Object) Type

Quantity (Sample Object) Type
  • Accessing Quantity Type Data
Workout (Sample Object) Type

  • Creating Quantities
  • Working With Units
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Getting and Setting Properties
  • Creating Object Predicates
  • Creating Sample Predicates
  • Creating Quantity Sample Predicates
  • Creating Category Sample Predicates
  • Creating Workout Predicates
Anchored Object Query
  • Creating Anchored Object Queries
Correlation Query
  • Creating Correlation Queries
  • Getting Property Data
Observer Query
  • Creating Observer Queries
Sample Query
  • Initializing Sample Queries
  • Getting Property Data
Source Query
  • Creating Source Queries
Statistics Collection Query
  • Creating Statistics Collection Objects
  • Getting and Setting Results Handlers
  • Getting Property Data
Statistics Query
  • Creating Statistics Queries
  • Getting the Current Source
  • Getting Property Data
  • Getting Property Data
  • Getting Statistics Data
Statistics Collection
  • New Methods
  • Working with Units
  • Working with Formatter Units
  • Constructing Mass Units
  • Constructing Length Units
  • Constructing Volume Units
  • Constructing Pressure Units
  • Constructing Time Units
  • Constructing Energy Units
  • Constructing Temperature Units
  • Constructing Electrical Conductance Units
  • Constructing Scalar Units
  • Performing Unit Math
Workout Event
  • Creating Workout Events
  • Getting Property Data

iOS8:Framework:Core Audio Kit:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Inter App Audio Switcher View (Responder)

Inter App Audio Transport View (Responder)

BT MIDI Local Peripheral View Controller (Responder)

BT MIDI Central View Controller (Responder)

iOS8:Framework:Cloud Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Initializing an Asset
  • Getting the URL of the Asset
  • Creating Container Objects
  • Getting the Public and Private Databases
  • Getting the Container’s Identifier
  • Determining the User’s iCloud Access Status
  • Requesting and Determining App Permissions
  • Performing Operations on the Container
  • Discovering User Records
  • Searching for Records
  • Executing Operations Against the Database
  • Accessing Records
  • Accessing Record Zones
  • Accessing Subscriptions
Discovered User Info
  • Getting the User’s Name
  • Getting the User Record
  • Creating a Notification Object
  • Identifying the Notification Object
  • Getting the Notification Status
  • Accessing the Notification Info
Query Notification
  • Getting the Notification Attributes
  • Getting the Record Information
Record Zone Notification
  • Getting the Record Zone ID
Notification ID

Notification Info
  • Accessing the Notification Info
  • Accessing the Record’s Data
  • Initializing a Query Object
  • Accessing the Query Parameters
Query Cursor

  • Initializing a Record
  • Accessing the Record’s Fields
  • Accessing the Record’s Metadata
  • Getting Data for Full-Text Searches
  • Encoding the Record’s Metadata
Record ID
  • Initializing a Record ID
  • Getting the Name and Zone
Record Zone
  • Getting the Default Record Zone
  • Initializing a Record Zone
  • Getting the Zone Attributes
Record Zone ID
  • Initializing a Record Zone ID
  • Getting the Record Zone ID Attributes
  • Initializing a Reference Object
  • Getting the Reference Attributes
Server Change Token

  • Initializing a Query-Based Subscription
  • Initializing a Zone-Based Subscription
  • Accessing the Subscription Search Parameters
  • Specifying the Push Notification Data
  • Accessing the Subscription Metadata
  • Accessing the Container
  • Customizing the Network Access Behavior
Database Operation
  • Accessing the Database
Fetch Record Changes (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Fetch Records (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Getting the Current User Record
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Fetch Record Zones (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Getting All Record Zones
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Fetch Subscriptions (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Getting All Subscriptions
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Modify Records (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Modify Record Zones (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Modify Subscriptions (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Query (Database) Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Discover All Contacts Operation
  • Processing the Operation Results
Discover User Infos Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Fetch Notification Changes Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Mark Notifications Read Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Modify Badge Operation
  • Initializing the Operation Object
  • Configuring the Operation Object
  • Processing the Operation Results
Location Sort Descriptor
  • Initializing a Location Sort Descriptor
  • Accessing the Location Value
Record Value (Protocol)

iOS8:Framework:AV Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
Player View Controller (Responder)

iOS:Framework:First available

iOS 2.0
  1. Address Book
  2. Address Book UI
  3. Audio Toolbox
  4. Audio Unit
  5. CF Network
  6. Core Audio
  7. Core Foundation
  8. Core Graphics
  9. Core Location
  10. Foundation
  11. IO Kit
  12. Media Player
  13. Open AL
  14. Open GL ES
  15. Quartz Core
  16. Security
  17. System Configuration
  18. UI Kit
iOS 2.2
  1. AV Foundation
iOS 3.0
  1. Core Data
  2. External Accessory
  3. Game Kit
  4. Map Kit
  5. Message UI
  6. Mobile Core Services
  7. Store Kit
iOS 3.2
  1. Core Text
iOS 4.0
  1. Accelerate
  2. Assets Library
  3. Core Media
  4. Core Motion
  5. Core Telephony
  6. Core Video
  7. Event Kit
  8. Event Kit UI
  9. iAd
  10. Image IO
  11. Quick Look
iOS 4.2
  1. Core MIDI
iOS 5.0
  1. Accounts
  2. Core Bluetooth
  3. Core Image
  4. GL Kit
  5. GSS
  6. Newsstand Kit
  7. Twitter
iOS 6.0
  1. Ad Support
  2. Media Toolbox
  3. Pass Kit
  4. Social
  5. Video Toolbox
iOS 7.0
  1. Game Controller
  2. JavaScript Core
  3. Media Accessibility
  4. Multipeer Connectivity
  5. Safari Services
  6. Sprite Kit
iOS 8.0
  1. AV Kit
  2. Cloud Kit
  3. Core Audio Kit
  4. Health Kit
  5. Home Kit
  6. Local Authentication
  7. Metal
  8. Notification Center
  9. Photos
  10. Photos UI
  11. Push Kit
  12. Scene Kit
  13. Web Kit

Thursday, September 25, 2014

iOS8:Framework:Core Image Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Initializing Color Objects
  • Creating Color Objects
  • Getting Color Components
  • Creating a Context
  • Rendering Images
  • Determining the Allowed Extents for Images Used by a Context
  • Creating a Detector Object
  • Using a Detector Object to Find Features
  • Feature Properties
Face Feature
  • Locating Faces
  • Identifying Facial Features
  • Tracking Distinct Faces in Video
QR Code Feature

Rectangle Feature

  • Creating a Filter
  • Accessing Registered Filters
  • Getting Filter Parameters and Attributes
  • Setting Default Values
  • Using Filters with Core Animation
  • Serializing and Deserializing Filters
  • Creating an Image
  • Creating an Image by Modifying an Existing Image
  • Initializing an Image
  • Getting Image Information
  • Getting Autoadjustment Filters
  • Working with Filter Regions of Interest

Color Kernel

Warp Kernel

  • Creating a Vector
  • Initializing a Vector
  • Getting Values From a Vector