Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iOS8:Framework:Quartz Core Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework

  • Archiving properties
  • Providing default values for properties
  • Creating an animation
  • Animation attributes
  • Getting and setting the delegate
  • Animation Progress
  • Controlling SceneKit Animation Timing
  • Fading Between SceneKit Animations
  • Attaching SceneKit Animation Events
Animation Group
  • Grouped animations
Property Animation
  • Animated Key Path
  • Property Value Calculation Behavior
  • Creating an Animation
Basic (Property) Animation
  • Interpolation values
Keyframe (Property) Animation
  • Providing keyframe values
  • Keyframe timing
  • Rotation Mode Attribute
  • Cubic Mode Attributes
Transition (Animation)
  • Transition start and end point
  • Transition Properties
  • Custom transition filter
Display Link
  • Creating Instances
  • Scheduling the Display Link to Send Notifications
  • Configuring the Display Link
Emitter Behavior

Emitter Cell
  • Creating and Initializing an Emitter Cell
  • Providing Emitter Cell Content
  • Setting Emitter Cell Visual Attributes
  • Emitter Cell Motion Attributes
  • Emission Cell Temporal Attributes
  • Key-Value Coding Extensions
  • Creating a Layer
  • Accessing Related Layer Objects
  • Accessing the Delegate
  • Providing the Layer’s Content
  • Modifying the Layer’s Appearance
  • Accessing the Layer’s Filters
  • Configuring the Layer’s Rendering Behavior
  • Modifying the Layer Geometry
  • Managing the Layer’s Transform
  • Managing the Layer Hierarchy
  • Updating Layer Display
  • Layer Animations
  • Managing Layer Resizing and Layout
  • Getting the Layer’s Actions
  • Mapping Between Coordinate and Time Spaces
  • Hit Testing
  • Scrolling
  • Identifying the Layer
  • Key-Value Coding Extensions
EAGL Layer
  • Accessing the Layer Properties
Emitter Layer
  • Specifying Particle Emitter Cells
  • Emitter Geometry
  • Emitter Cell Attribute Multipliers
Gradient Layer
  • Gradient Style Properties
Metal layer
  • Configuring a Metal Layer
  • Rendering to a Metal Layer

Replicator Layer
  • Setting Instance Display Properties
  • Modifying Instance Layer Geometry
  • Accessing Instance Color Values
Scroll Layer
  • Scrolling constraints
  • Scrolling the layer
Shape Layer
  • Specifying the Shape Path
  • Accessing Shape Style Properties
Text layer
  • Getting and Setting the Text
  • Text Visual Properties
  • Text Alignment and Truncation
Tiled Layer
  • Visual Fade
  • Levels of detail
  • Layer tile size
Transform Layer
  • Hit Testing
Media Timing Function
  • Creating Timing Functions
  • Accessing the Control Points
  • Creating and Committing Transactions
  • Overriding Animation Duration and Timing
  • Temporarily Disabling Property Animations
  • Getting and Setting Completion Block Objects
  • Managing Concurrency
  • Getting and Setting Transaction Properties
Value Function
  • Getting Value Function Properties
  • Creating and Initializing Value Functions
Action (Protocol)
  • Responding to an action
Media Timing (Protocol)
  • Animation Start Time
  • Repeating Animations
  • Duration and Speed
  • Playback Modes
Metal Drawable (Protocol)
  • Using a Drawable Object as a Render Target
  • Finding a Drawable’s Layer