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Monday, November 12, 2012

101 East: Ageing Japan

How can the world's most elderly society overcome its demographic crisis?

Sakae Matsuzawa, Kesayo Shimizu, Hikariko Ono, benefit, burden, longevity, taxpayer, Mr. Kudo, shelter resident, Hidenori Hashi, Outreach worker, Miyoko Miyazawa, Eisei Hospital, touch, Keiko Muramatsu, Itsuo Kandatsu, elderly people, elderly people living alone (独居老人), 3.8 million living alone, partner robot, Koichi Kaneda, Hiramachi Shirakawa, Credit Suisse, social security, retire at 70, raising retire age, Nobuhiko Hasegawa

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Stream : Swazis speak out against Africa's last absolute monarchy

Swaziland protesters call for reform amidst a financial crisis and cabinet reshuffle.

Absolute monarchy, Mark Leon Goldberg,, Without the King,, Mary Pais Da Silva, Michael Skolnik, South Africa, Swaziland

Switzerland's direct democracy

Together with neutrality and federalism, direct democracy is a part of the Swiss national identity and helps unite the various languages, religions and cultures in the country. This video gives you a short introduction to this unique political system. (Produced by on behalf of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad)