Monday, September 22, 2014

iOS8:Framework:Core Location Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework

  • Identifying the Beacon
  • Determining the Beacon Distance
  • Getting the Floor Level
  • Reverse Geocoding a Location
  • Geocoding an Address
  • Managing Geocoding Requests
  • Accessing the Heading Attributes
  • Accessing the Raw Heading Data
  • Initializing a Location Object
  • Location Attributes
  • Measuring the Distance Between Coordinates
  • Getting Speed and Course Information
Location Manager
  • Requesting Authorization for Location Services
  • Determining the Availability of Services
  • Accessing the Delegate
  • Initiating Standard Location Updates
  • Initiating Significant Location Updates
  • Initiating Heading Updates
  • Initiating Region Monitoring
  • Initiating Beacon Ranging Requests
  • Initiating Visit Event Updates
  • Deferring Location Updates
  • Getting Recently Retrieved Data
  • Deprecated Properties and Methods
  • Initializing a Placemark Object
  • Accessing the Location Data
  • Accessing the Placemark Attributes
  • Accessing Geographic Information
  • Accessing Landmark Information
  • Initializing a Region in OS X
  • Accessing a Region’s Attributes
  • Configuring Notification Delivery
  • Hit Testing in a Region
Beacon Region
  • Initializing the Beacon Region
  • Accessing the Beacon Attributes
  • Delivering Beacon Notifications
  • Getting Beacon Advertisement Data
Circular Region
  • Initializing a Circular Region
  • Accessing a Region’s Attributes
  • Hit Testing in a Region
  • Getting the Location of the Visit
  • Getting the Duration of the Visit
Location Manager Delegate (Protocol)
  • Responding to Location Events
  • Pausing Location Updates
  • Responding to Heading Events
  • Responding to Region Events
  • Responding to Ranging Events
  • Responding to Visit Events
  • Responding to Authorization Changes