Friday, September 26, 2014

iOS8:Framework:Scene Kit Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Creating Actions That Move a Node
  • Creating Actions That Rotate a Node
  • Creating Actions That Change a Node’s Scale
  • Creating Actions That Change a Node’s Opacity
  • Creating Actions That Remove Nodes from the Scene
  • Creating Actions That Combine or Repeat Other Actions
  • Creating Actions That Add Delays to Action Sequences
  • Creating Custom Actions
  • Reversing an Action
  • Adjusting an Action’s Animation Properties
Animation Event
  • Creating an Animation Event
  • Creating a Camera
  • Managing Camera Attributes
  • Adjusting Camera Perspective
  • Managing the Camera Projection
  • Adjusting Depth of Field Effects
  • Choosing Nodes to Be Visible to the Camera
  • Tuning a Constraint’s Effect on Nodes
IK Constraint
  • Creating an Inverse Kinematics Constraint
  • Adjusting the Constraint’s Limits of Motion
  • Applying Inverse Kinematics to the Constrained Node
Look at Constraint
  • Creating a Look-At Constraint
  • Modifying a Constraint
Transform Constraint
  • Creating a Transform Constraint
  • Creating a Custom Geometry
  • Managing Geometry Attributes
  • Managing a Geometry’s Materials
  • Managing Geometry Data
  • Working with Subdivision Surfaces
  • Creating a Box
  • Adjusting a Box’s Dimensions
  • Configuring Box Properties
  • Adding Rounded Edges and Corners
  • Creating a Capsule
  • Adjusting a Capsule’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Cone
  • Adjusting a Cone’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Cylinder
  • Adjusting a Cylinder’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Floor
  • Adding Reflections to a Floor
  • Creating a Plane
  • Adjusting a Plane’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Adding Rounded Corners
  • Creating a Pyramid
  • Adjusting a Pyramid’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Shape
  • Modifying a Shape
  • Chamfering a Shape
  • Creating a Sphere
  • Adjusting a Sphere’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
  • Creating a Text Geometry
  • Managing the Geometry’s Text Content
  • Managing Text Layout
  • Managing the Text’s 3D Representation
  • Creating a Torus
  • Adjusting a Torus’ Dimensions
  • Configuring Torus Properties
  • Creating a Tube
  • Adjusting a Tube’s Dimensions
  • Adjusting Geometric Detail
Geometry Element
  • Creating a Geometry Element
  • Inspecting a Geometry Element
Geometry Source
  • Creating a Geometry Source
  • Inspecting a Geometry Source
Hit Test Result
  • Retrieving Information About a Hit-Test Result
Level of Detail
  • Creating a Level of Detail
  • Inspecting a Level of Detail
  • Creating a Light
  • Modifying a Light’s Appearance
  • Managing Light Attributes
  • Managing Light Attenuation
  • Managing Spotlight Extent
  • Managing Shadows Cast by the Light
  • Choosing Nodes to be Illuminated by the Light
  • Creating a Material
  • Configuring a Material’s Visual Properties
  • Customizing a Material
Material Property
  • Creating a Material Property
  • Working with Material Property Contents
  • Configuring Texture Mapping Attributes

  • Specifying Morph Targets
  • Blending between Morph Targets
  • Changing Interpolation Mode
  • Creating a Node
  • Managing Node Attributes
  • Working with Node Animation
  • Managing the Node’s Transformation
  • Modifying the Node Visibility
  • Managing the Node Hierarchy
  • Searching the Node Hierarchy
  • Customizing Node Rendering
  • Adding Physics to a Node
  • Working with Particle Systems
  • Copying a Node
  • Hit-Testing
  • Converting Between Node Coordinate Spaces
Particle Property Controller
  • Creating a Property Controller
  • Managing the Controller’s Animation
Particle System
  • Creating a Particle System
  • Managing Particle Emission Timing
  • Managing Particle Emission Locations
  • Managing Particle Motion
  • Specifying Particle Appearance
  • Animating Particle Images
  • Simulating Physics for Particles
  • Spawning Additional Particle Systems
  • Managing Particle Rendering
  • Controlling Particle Simulation
  • Modifying Particles in Response to Particle System Events
  • Modifying Particles Over Time
Physics Behavior

Physics Ball Socket Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Ball and Socket Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Ball and Socket Joint
Physics Hinge Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Hinge Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Hinge Joint
Physics Slider Joint (Behavior)
  • Creating a Slider Joint
  • Managing the Characteristics of a Slider Joint
  • Limiting the Motion of a Slider Joint
  • Applying Forces and Torques
Physics Vehicle (Behavior)
  • Creating a Vehicle
  • Working with a Vehicle’s Physical Characteristics
  • Driving a Vehicle
Physics Body
  • Creating Physics Bodies
  • Defining How Forces Affect a Physics Body
  • Defining a Body’s Physical Properties
  • Working with Collisions
  • Applying Forces, Impulses, and Torques
  • Managing a Body’s Motion
  • Synchronizing a Physics Body with its Node
Physics Contact
  • Inspecting the Contact Properties
Physics Field
  • Creating Physics Fields
  • Creating Custom Physics Fields
  • Specifying a Field’s Area of Effect
  • Specifying a Field’s Behavior
  • Choosing Physics Bodies to Be Affected by the Field
Physics Shape
  • Creating Physics Shapes
  • Combining Physics Shapes
Physics Vehicle Wheel
  • Creating a Wheel
  • Managing a Wheel’s Connection to a Vehicle
  • Simulating Wheel Size
  • Simulating Traction
  • Simulating Suspension
  • Inspecting the Wheel Node
Physics World
  • Managing the Physics Simulation
  • Registering Physics Behaviors
  • Detecting Contacts Between Physics Bodies
  • Searching for Physics Bodies
  • Creating a Program
  • Working with Shader Source Code
  • Mapping GLSL Symbols to SceneKit Semantics
  • Providing a Delegate Object
  • Managing Opacity
  • Creating a Renderer
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Rendering a Scene
  • Creating or Loading a Scene
  • Managing Animated Effects in a Scene
  • Accessing Scene Contents
  • Managing Scene Attributes
  • Adding Fog to a Scene
  • Working With Physics in the Scene
  • Working with Particle Systems in the Scene
Scene Source
  • Creating a Scene Source
  • Loading a Complete Scene
  • Loading and Inspecting Scene Elements
  • Getting Information about the Scene
  • Creating a Skinner Object
  • Working with a Skinned Geometry
  • Working with an Animation Skeleton
  • Creating a Technique
  • Combining Techniques
  • Retrieving a Technique’s Definition
  • Handling Parameters for a Technique’s Shader Programs
  • Creating and Committing Transactions
  • Overriding Animation Duration and Timing
  • Temporarily Disabling Property Animations
  • Getting and Setting Completion Block Objects
  • Managing Concurrency
  • Getting and Setting Transaction Properties
View (Responder)
  • Initializing a SceneKit View
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Configuring a View
  • Playing Action and Animation in a View’s Scene
  • Capturing a View Snapshot
  • Working with a View’s OpenGL ES Context
Actionable (Protocol)
  • Running Actions
  • Inspecting a Node’s Running Actions
  • Canceling a Node’s Running Actions
Animatable (Protocol)
  • Managing Animations
  • Pausing and Resuming Animations
Bounding Volume (Protocol)
  • Measuring an Object’s Bounding Volume
  • Overriding an Object’s Default Bounding Volume
Node Renderer Delegate (Protocol)
  • Customizing the Rendering of a Node
Physics Contact Delegate (Protocol)
  • Responding to Contact Events
Program Delegate (Protocol)
  • Handling Shader Compilation Errors
Scene Renderer (Protocol)
  • Specifying a Scene
  • Managing Scene Display
  • Managing Scene Animation Timing
  • Preloading Renderer Resources
  • Working with Projected Scene Contents
  • Participating in the Scene Rendering Process
  • Customizing Scene Rendering with OpenGL
  • Rendering Sprite Kit Content over a Scene
Scene Renderer Delegate (Protocol)
  • Adding Custom Logic to the Rendering Loop
  • Rendering Custom Scene Content with OpenGL
Shadable (Protocol)
  • Assigning a Custom Shader Program
  • Customizing SceneKit’s Shader Programs
  • Handling Parameters in Custom Programs
Technique Support (Protocol)
  • Specifying a Technique
  • Creating Vectors
  • Comparing Vectors
  • Converting Vector Data Types
  • Creating Matrices
  • Performing Mathematical Operations on Matrices
  • Comparing Matrices
  • Converting Matrix Data Types