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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Linear algebra (線形代数学): Concepts (概念)

Real numbers
  • Scalar (スカラー)
  • Eigenvalue (固有値)
Geometric object
  • Euclidean vector (空間ベクトル)
  • Eigenvector (固有ベクトル)
Collection of geometric objects
  • Vector space (ベクトル空間)
  • Linear subspace (線形部分空間)
  • Dual space (双対ベクトル空間)
  • Kernel (linear algebra) (零空間)
Function (mathematics), mapping
  • Vector projection ()
  • Linear map (線形写像)
  • Projection (linear algebra) (射影作用素)
Intersection of all subspaces
  • Linear span (線形包)
Additional structure (付加構造)
  • Inner product space (計量ベクトル空間)
Algebraic operation
  • Dot product, scalar product (ドット積)
  • Outer product, tensor product (直積)
  • Linear independence (線形独立)
Expression (mathematics)
  • Linear combination (線形結合)
  • Orthogonality (直交)
Matrix (行列)
  • Transpose (転置行列)
Method (アルゴリズム)
  • Gram-Schmidt process (グラム・シュミットの正規直交化法)
  • Ordinary least squares ()
  • Linear equation (一次方程式)
Set of vectors (ベクトル集合)
  • Basis (linear algebra) (基底)
Set of all possible column matrix (集合)
  • Column space ()
  • Row and column spaces (行空間)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gilbert Strang: Linear Algebra: MIT: Spring 2005: Lecture 1

Gilbert Strang

  • Gilbert Strang
  • Row picture
  • Column picture
  • Matrix (行列)
  • Linear combination (線形結合)
  • System of linear equations (線形方程式系)
  • Gaussian elimination (ガウスの消去法)
  • Dot product (ドット積)