Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chemical Brothers - Don't Think

Something happened during the initial theatrical screenings of the Chemical Brothers' concert documentary Don't Think that, while spontaneous, also felt like a foregone conclusion: audiences got up and danced. Sharing a darkened room with a flashy, quick-cutting, psychedelic sensory overload blasted out in Dolby Surround can do that to people. Especially when it's based around a set from arguably the most enduringly successful rave-gone-pop act of all time. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have built a 20-year canon that can effortlessly fill 90 minutes with wave after wave of euphoric, body-shaking classics. And at a time when their occasionally-bumpy transition from next-big-thing 1990s icons to Hanna-scoring cool older brothers has positioned them as elder statesmen of a resurgent moment for electronic dance music, the role of a generation-bridging legacy act has fit them well. So while Gondry and Jonze did them plenty of justice in the MTV era, an actual audiovisual document of their mind-bending live show feels a bit overdue.
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Malaysian Grand Prix: five talking points from Sepang - Nico Rosberg must step up, Sergio Pérez may be the real deal and Bernie Ecclestone is right about water's entertainment value

In 2010, when Michael Schumacher made his comeback, and again last year, the seven-times world champion was consistently beaten by his younger team-mate, both in qualifying and on race day. But this season Schumacher, in his 44th year, appears to have the upper hand. Rosberg was 12th in Australia and 13th on Sunday and seemed to be standing still as a succession of rivals went past him. He is a seriously competent driver but he will never win his maiden grand prix at this rate. But even with Schumacher looking hungrier than before, the Mercedes, so promising on Saturday afternoon, is a Sunday washout. If they are cheating with their new DRS-driven F-duct, as some teams rather churlishly suggest, they are not making a very good job of it.
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"He also has an uncanny knack of looking after his tyres as if they were his own."

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The success of the her­oine Lisbeth Salander suggests a hunger in audiences for an action picture hero who is not a white 35ish male with stubble on his chin. Such characters are often effective, but they sometimes seem on loan from other films. There are few characters anywhere like Salander, played here by Rooney Mara and by Noomi Rapace in the original 2009 Swedish picture. Thin, stark, haunted, with a look that crosses goth with S&M, she is fearsomely intelligent and emotionally stranded.
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War Horse

The closing shots of Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" will stir emotions in every serious movie lover. The sky is painted with a deeply red-orange sunset. A lone rider is seen far away on the horizon. The rider approaches and dismounts. He embraces a woman and a man. They all embrace the horse's head. Music swells. This footage, with the rich colors and dramatic framing on what is either a soundstage or intended to look like one, could come directly from a John Ford Western.
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Smashing Pumpkins Webisode #6 - Today

Paper: New iPad app that draws on simplicity

Paper is a beautiful new drawing and cataloging app for “free” that features a minimalist UI. With that said, the business model might not be to everyone’s liking. In app purchases: $2 for each new brush, which seems somewhat steep at first blush. However, this is such a well done app that it might just take off.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins Pick EMI Label Services for Launch of New Album; 'Oceania' to Hit Stores June 19th, 2012

EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution has announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement withMartha’s Music to release the highly anticipated album from THE SMASHING PUMPKINS entitled OCEANIAon June 19th, 2012. The agreement covers the world excluding Canada, Brazil and Australia. 
Produced by THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’ frontman Billy Corgan, OCEANIA is an intense and dynamic offering that will appeal to new and existing fans of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS alike. OCEANIA, the band’s7th studio record, is “an album within an album,” part of their 44-song work-in-progress TEARGARDEN BY KALEIDYSCOPE.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smashing Pumpkins Webisode #5 - Rocket

Great Movies: The First 100

Every other week I visit a film classic from the past and write about it. My "Great Movies" series began in the autumn of 1996 and now reaches a landmark of 100 titles with today's review of Federico Fellini's "8 1/2," which is, appropriately, a film about a film director. I love my job, and this is the part I love the most.
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8 1/2

The Great Movies

Movie history did not begin in 1967, but my career as a movie critic did. 
Since then I've reviewed most of the new movies as they've opened, but there is almost never time to go back and write about the great movies of the past. Three or four times a year, when a classic movie is re-released in a restored version, I'll write something about it (recently I've revisited ``Belle de Jour,'' ``Taxi Driver,'' and ``The Umbrellas of Cherbourg''). But in general I press forward into the future.
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Belle de Jour

Taxi Driver

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Magnificent Ambersons

Mr. Hulot's Holiday


8 1/2

Floating Weeds

The General

Citizen Kane

The Third Man

La Dolce Vita


The Godfather

Apocalypse Now

Raging Bull


2001: A Space Odyssey

The Music Room

Singin' in the Rain

Monday, March 26, 2012

In House App Development Essential Videos - In-House Development for iPhone

Web Services

Accessing SOAP
Use third-party libraries

Florida State University

Apache Software Foundation

Saving Data

SQLite database files


In House App Development Essential Videos - Getting Started with iPhone Web Applications

Simulating Network Latency

In Terminal...

sudo su
ipfw add pipe 1 src0port http
ipfw pipe 1 config delay 200 bw 700kbit/s

To reset...

ipfw flush

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

Brené Brown
Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.

Clone factory: mini-me dolls

Eerily accurate to the smallest detail, tokyo-based clone factory is now creating mini clone dolls from 3D modelling and printing technology. fully processed in the company's akihabra office, the service is capable of replicating hairstyles, makeup and clothes to fully encapsulate
a special moment such as the customer's wedding day.
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Penguins Playbook: Breaking Down the Crosby Powerplay

Sidney Crosby reminds me of Mario Lemieux at age 35. 
That’s not an insult. Probably not a compliment to the 24-year-old Crosby either. It’s reality. 
When Lemieux came out of retirement in 2000, he was a different player. He could no longer physically dominate opponents with his reach, deceptive speed, and 6-foot-4 frame. He had to combine what was left of those talents with his exceptional hockey IQ. 
Lemieux stayed out of the high-traffic areas in an effort to save his body and became an elite playmaker. (Goals made up over 40% of his points pre-retirement; after 2000 that dropped to 33%). 
Crosby has made a similar transition. THW’s James Conley suggested last week that Crosby should consider the perimeter style of play if he wants to stay healthy long-term. Through five games, that’s exactly the Crosby we’ve seen.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Case Against Google

For the last two months, you've seen some version of the same story all over the Internet: Delete your search history before Google's new privacy settings take effect. A straightforward piece outlining a rudimentary technique, but also evidence that the search titan has a serious trust problem on its hands.
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Humans Began Walking Upright to Carry Scarce Resources, Chimp Study Suggests

Most of us walk and carry items in our hands every day. These are seemingly simple activities that the majority of us don't question. But an international team of researchers, including Brian Richmond at the George Washington University, have discovered that human bipedalism, or walking upright, may have originated millions of years ago as an adaptation to carrying scarce, high-quality resources. This latest research was published in this month's Current Biology.
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Runner's High Motivated the Evolution of Exercise, Research Suggests

In the last century something unexpected happened: humans became sedentary. We traded in our active lifestyles for a more immobile existence. But these were not the conditions under which we evolved. David Raichlen from the University of Arizona, USA, explains that our hunter-gatherer predecessors were long-distance endurance athletes. 'Aerobic activity has played a role in the evolution of lots of different systems in the human body, which may explain why aerobic exercise seems to be so good for us', says Raichlen. However, he points out that testing the hypothesis that we evolved for high-endurance performance is problematic, because most other mammalian endurance athletes are quadrupedal.
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Antioxidant Supplements Seem to Increase Mortality, Review Shows

Previous research on animal and physiological models suggests that antioxidant supplements have beneficial effects that may prolong life. Some observational studies also suggest that antioxidant supplements may prolong life, whereas other observational studies demonstrate neutral or harmful effects. Our Cochrane review from 2008 demonstrated that antioxidant supplements seem to increase mortality. This review is now updated.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Just for the Birds: Human-Made Noise Has Ripple Effects On Plants, Too

A growing body of research shows that birds and other animals change their behavior in response to humanmade noise, such as the din of traffic or the hum of machinery. But human clamor doesn't just affect animals. Because many animals also pollinate plants or eat or disperse their seeds, human noise can have ripple effects on plants too, finds a new study.
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Clinton D Francis

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

Proceedings of the Royal Society B

The Bureau of Land Management

Rattlesnake Canyon

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Pinyon pine

Scarlet gilia

Microcentrifuge tube


Western Scrub Jay

Catherine Ortega

Alexander Cruz

Nathan Kleist

Cute! Look at the Robots Amazon Just Bought for $775 Million. (Video)

Number 5 is alive! 
Yesterday, Amazon announced it paid $775 million in cash for Kiva Systems, the maker of little orange robots that help automate warehouses. 
Today, a video of Kiva’s CEO Mick Mountz, who appeared at a Wired business conference, was being passed around the Twitter-verse.
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KIVA Systems

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 Menswear

Day One of the Milan menswear shows and it's already obvious: Fall 2012 is the Season of the Suit. And designers will rise or fall on how they interpret this staple of the masculine wardrobe. As an urban evolution of the military uniform, the suit stands for security in a man's closet. Which means Christopher Bailey is fashion's Securicor for Fall. Not only can he draw on Burberry's military heritage and acute sartorialism, but he can also tap the seam of eccentricity that runs through the company's history—and its tradition of artisanship. He did all of that today, to great effect. The show was called The Gentlemen. Afterwards, Bailey was stressing the gentle. In particular, it was the virtues of politeness and good manners that he was endorsing. Laudable indeed—and fortunately for him, the clothes he offered by way of support were an appealing advertisement for a new kind of gentlemanliness.
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Christopher Bailly





Half belt



Flight jacket




Knitted fabric

Woven fabric

Nonwoven fabric





Scoop neck

Parka (Anorak)


60TB drives made possible by Seagate's new 1TB/inch platter tech

Seagate officially announced and demoed the first hard drive technology to achieve a storage density of 1 TB per square inch. The technology could enable hard drives over the next decade to reach an unheard of storage capacity up to 60 TB for a 3.5-inch drive. Helping them to accomplish this milestone is heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR); a next-generation recording technology that will replace Perpendicular Magnetic Recording currently used in hard drives. Seagate explained:
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Heat-assisted magnetic recording

Bally Fall 2012 Menswear

After a few seasons of pushing fashion at Bally, Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz are finding classics more their speed. It's not that their new men's collection for the Swiss label isn't stylish—it is—but honing in on the label's heritage and strongest suits is the new order of the day. Bally has a long history to draw upon, and Fidler and Herz saw to it that their presentation did just that.
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Graeme Fidler

Michael Herz

Pea Coat



Commanding officer's coat

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model - The Standard Model Lecture 6 (February 15, 2010)

Professor Leonard Susskind delivers the sixth lecture for the course New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model.


Symmetry group

Generation (or family)

Coupling constant



W and Z Bosons


Alpha particle

Planck mass


Fourier transform


Spontaneous symmetry breaking

Explicit symmetry breaking

Domain wall

Playing the Fool

Francesco Clemente has decapitated playwright Edward Albee, strung up fellow artist Brice Marden by one foot, and covered his own studio assistant, Ricardo Kugelmas, with giant bees. This is no crime spree, but part of Clemente’s take on tarot cards, the centuries-old game of divining the future. And it isn’t always pretty.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

New iPad: A Million More Pixels Than HDTV

Apple’s iPad could be described as a personal display through which you see and manipulate text, graphics, photos and videos often delivered via the Internet. So, how has the company chosen to improve its wildly popular tablet? By making that display dramatically better and making the delivery of content dramatically faster.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Safari Development Essential Videos - iPhone Web Applications from Start to Finish

Safari on iPhone provides a rich platform for delivering web applications that look like built-in, native applications. Get an overview of the technologies available for iPhone web applications and learn how to add advanced features such as location-base…
Optimize your website for iPhone

Custom interaction behavior

Changing Selection Behavior

Changing Tap Highlight Behavior

Navigation and Sharing

Text sizing

Text Scaling

Adjusting the text size

Screen size best practise


Home Screen Icon

Specifying a Webpage Icon for Web Clip

Create an iPhone web application

Hiding Safari User Interface Components

Changing the Status Bar Appearance

Sets the style of the status bar for a web application.

Offline Storage

Offline Application Cache

Storing Data on the Client

Online and offline events

Add advanced features

Device orientation changes

Handling Orientation Events

Multi-Touch support

Handling Multi-Touch Events

Handling Gesture Events

Location awareness

W3C Editor's Draft

Getting Geographic Locations

Alexander Wang Fall 2012 Menswear

The street is never far from Alexander Wang's mind. It won't come as a surprise to discover that he street-cast his lookbook model, a skater from Philadelphia. (Nor should it be much of a surprise, given Wang's talent for coming out just ahead of the curve, that after the designer booked him, the modeling agency that had all but forgotten it represented him wanted to send him to Europe for go-sees for the menswear collections.) The point is, Wang's key words are street andsport. His burgeoning men's collection may be more refined than the T line out of which it grew, but it hews close to its original.
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Billy Corgan, 'American Idol': Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Wants to Be a Judge

Simon Cowell may have a new unlikely contender for the vacant 'X Factor' judge position: Billy Corgan. 
Following his March 13th SXSW panel discussion in which he rallied against the artistic business model that 'American Idol' and 'X Factor' have created, theSmashing Pumpkins singer admitted he would still be up for a judges position if it were offered.
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Billy Corgan Tells Off Younger Generation of 'Poseurs'

Smashing Pumpkins icon Billy Corgan isn't impressed with the new generation of 'poseurs,' reports Billboard. The 44-year-old singer -- far from hitting Grumpy Old Man territory -- ripped apart younger musicians during a SXSW interview Monday (March 12), claiming he'd have to set himself on fire on YouTube to get noticed in the music industry.
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When I describe "Footnote," you may conclude that it offers little for you. In fact, it's one of the smartest and most merciless comedies to come along in a while. It centers on an area of fairly narrow interest, but in its study of human nature, it is deep and takes no prisoners. Two main characters: The father has devoted his life to scratching out minute inconsistencies in various versions of the Talmud. His son is a great popularizer of Judaic lore, whose books are best-sellers and whose face is often on television.
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Billy Corgan, From Smashing Pumpkins to Smashing Heads

The IHop (DIN) in Rosemont, Ill., is a convenient spot for Billy Corgan to meet with Jacques and Gabriel Baron. Corgan, lead singer of the multi-platinum rock band Smashing Pumpkins, comes down from Highland Park. The Baron brothers—Jacques is a used-car salesman, Gabriel a bank teller—come up from Lockport. Corgan arrives in a hunter’s cap with the ear flaps pulled down. He sheds it to reveal his familiar shaved head and plops down an antique turquoise camera. “I’m trying to take more pictures,” he says. “When I don’t do music, I have to do other stuff.”
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The New iPad Makes Apple’s Tablet Domination Clearer Than Ever | TechCrunch

Even if you have perfect vision, indulge me here for a second. You know when you go in for an eye exam and you’re asked to look at a combination of letters and numbers on a chart against a far wall? You read the first few lines, then realize you actually can’t go any further. Then you get prescribed glasses (or contacts) and you can all of a sudden read every letter and number. And even the ones you could read before are now so much clearer.
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Leonard Susskind: New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model - The Standard Model Lecture 5 (February 8, 2010)

Leonard Susskind
Professor Leonard Susskind discusses gauge theories.

What is Gauge theory?

Gauge theory

Quantum electrodynamics

Quantum chromodynamics

Maxwell's equations's_equations

Gauss's law's_law

Special unitary group

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This New OLED Microdisplay Blows the Retina Display Away

A new OLED microdisplay from MicroOLED boasts the world’s highest pixel density, stuffing an incredible 5.4 million gapless pixels into a 0.61-inch display.

For comparison, at 326 pixels per inch (ppi), the iPhone 4′s Retina display sports 614,400 pixels.
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More Trans Fat Consumption Linked to Greater Aggression, Researchers Find

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have shown -- by each of a range of measures, in men and women of all ages, in Caucasians and minorities -- that consumption of dietary trans fatty acids (dTFAs) is associated with irritability and aggression.
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Trans fat


Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD

Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance

With the NCAA men's college basketball tournament set to begin, college basketball fans around the United States are in the throes of March Madness. Anyone who has seen a game knows that the fans are like extra players on the court, and this is especially true during critical free throws. Fans of the opposing team will wave anything they can, from giant inflatable noodles to big heads, to make it difficult for players to focus on the basket.
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Jessica K. Witt

Billy Corgan at South by Southwest Interactive… live blogged

I’m going to try to compile all of our Billy Corgan at SXSWi coverage here… as best I can. Bear with me as this post may through go changes throughout the day. 
Last night, Corgan appeared at Google’s “Android House” at Lustre Pearl, a well known local bar and music venue. Although he was scheduled to go on there around 5 PM, but judging from tweets made at the event he was on closer to 10 PM CDT. Based on the tweets I’m seeing, Corgan made remarks that were critical of the recording industry and promoted his rediscovered love for the album. He was on the ”Google Play” stage, Google Play being the new name for Android Market, which Google is rebranding and rolling out new features for… I’m particularly fascinated by the Google Play Artists’ Hub.
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Allocative Efficiency and Marginal Benefit : Marginal Utility and maximization

Marginal Utility and maximization

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Productive efficiency

Allocative efficiency

Marginal cost

Marginal benefit

Safari Development Essential Videos - Session 204 - Building Compatible Websites Using Emerging Web Technologies

Safari pushes the web forward by implementing the latest, most innovative HTML and CSS technologies. Adopt these technologies without creating multiple versions of your website to stay compatible with other browsers. Discover how to use object detection …
Talks about
  1. Common Coding Pitfalls
  2. Fallback Techniques
  3. CSS Effects
  4. HTML 5 Media Elements
  5. HTML 5 Offline Data
Common Coding Pitfalls

Feature Detection

if ('XMLHttpRequest' in window) { ... }
if ('openDatabase' in window) { ... }
if ('innerHTML' in document.body) { ... }
if ('contentEditable') in document.body { ... }
if ('webkitTransition' in { // transitions exist }

HTML 5 Media Elements

Media Queries

HTML 5 Offline Data

Key/value storage
if ('localStorage' in window) { ... }
if ('sessionStorage' in window) { ... }

SQL API for structured data storage
if ('openDatabase' in window) { ... }

Offline application cache
if ('applicationCache' in window) { ... }

Dive Into HTML5

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model - The Standard Model Lecture 4 (February 1, 2010)

Professor Leonard Susskind continues his discussion of group theory. 

Generators of the group




Khan Academy launches iPad app with complete library of over 2,700 educational videos

Although there are a few unofficial apps in the App Store that allow you to access content from the Khan Academy, the online education portal has just launched an official iPad app. Available for free in the App Store now, the app provides access to the organization’s over 2,700 educational videos that cover a wide range of subjects from K-12 math and science, to history and finance. The biggest difference between the new official app and those from third-party devs is you can now log in to your Khan Academy account, get credit for watching videos, and track goals and achievements from within the app. The app also provides fully subtitled videos with the ability to browse by subtitle, an enhanced video scrubber, and lets you download videos and playlists for offline viewing.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sid Lee

The Amazing Place - An intimate office where ideas come to life

At the office of Sid Lee, a creative agency located in Toronto's Distillery Historic District, Victorian Industrial architecture mingles with design elements of the 21st century, creating an inspiring fusion of old and new.
Watch the Video on

Sid Lee

Pinterest leads content curation boom

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around new social media networks focused on content curation.
Pinterest, a virtual pinboard that lets you collect and post your favourite things on the web, is driving the most interest. But others, such as Buyosphere, an online shopping destination based on community recommendations, are gaining traction.
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Whole Foods Market

Pinterest Drives More Referral Traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined

Google@SXSW - Interactive - Developers

Google@SXSW - Interactive - Developers

Lightning Talks

Holo: Exploring the design of the Android user interface

Styles and Themes

The next gen of Social Apps is in a Hangout: introducing Google+ Hangout Apps

Writing Hangout Apps

Running Hangout Apps

The VJ in Your Pocket: Mobile YouTube API Apps for Content Creators, Curators and Consumers

Youtube API




Cloud adventures: Instant scale... from zero to millions of hits in 24 hours

App Engine


HTML5's Bleeding Edge (Speaker: Paul Irish)

The Slideshow - The Edge of HTML5

CSS Regions

CSS Filter

Pointer Lock API

Fullscreen API

navigator.connection Object



HTML5 Demos and Examples

HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Please

Beautiful Maps: Enhancing geographic information with HTML5

Google Map Javascript API V3 - Styling

Getting Started with Styled Map

MarkerCluster Example

Dotter Example

Google Cloud SQL

Billy Corgan on The Rock of Chris Jericho

Billy mentioned how hard it has been to write the book, saying it takes as much time as making a record. He mentioned how he had to be the one to write it, crediting Pumpkins fans as being able to see through it if someone else were to write it.
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Opportunity Cost : Opportunity cost (and marginal cost) based on the PPF

Opportunity cost (機会費用), Marginal cost (限界費用), Production-possibility Frontier (PPF) (生産可能性フロンティア)

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Safari Development Essential Videos > Session 202 - Adding Innovative Styling and Animation to Webpages with CSS Effects

Safari brings a new level of interactivity to the web by supporting the latest innovations in CSS on both the desktop and iPhone. Learn to take advantage of CSS animations and effects to create exceptional user interfaces and stylized content that make y…

Safari Development Essential Videos > Session 201 - Safari and Webkit Overview

Safari Dev Center

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model > The Standard Model Lecture 1 (January 11, 2010)

Leonard Susskind, discusses the origin of covalent bonds, Coulomb's Law, and the names and properties of particles.

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model > The Standard Model Lecture 2 (January 18, 2010)

Professor Leonard Susskind discusses quantum chromodynamics, the theory of quarks, gluons, and hadrons.

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: The Standard Model > The Standard Model Lecture 3 (January 25, 2010)

Leonard Susskind, discusses the rotation of space.

Safari Development Essential Videos - Session 203 > Local Data Storage and Offline Web Applications in Safari

HTML 5 Application Cache Specification

HTML 5 Key/Value and Database Storage Specification

WebKit Open Source Project
#webkit on

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meteorites Reveal Another Way to Make Life's Components

Creating some of life's building blocks in space may be a bit like making a sandwich -- you can make them cold or hot, according to new NASA research. This evidence that there is more than one way to make crucial components of life increases the likelihood that life emerged elsewhere in the Universe, according to the research team, and gives support to the theory that a "kit" of ready-made parts created in space and delivered to Earth by impacts from meteorites and comets assisted the origin of life.
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Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life

"Into the Abyss" may be the saddest film Werner Herzog has ever made. It regards a group of miserable lives, and in finding a few faint glimmers of hope only underlines the sadness.

The documentary centers on two young men in prison. Michael Perry is on Death Row in Huntsville, Texas, America's most productive assembly line for executions, and on the day Herzog spoke with him had eight days to live. Jason Burkett, his accomplice in the stupid murders of three people, is serving a 40-year sentence. They killed because they wanted to drive a friend's red Camaro.

Saving Face

Every year in Pakistan, at least 100 men feel entitled to throw acid into the faces of their wives, some of them still in early adolescence. Many of these attacks go unreported. In some cases, the women feel they must return to their husband's home after the hospital, because they have no other way to pay for the care of their children.
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Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

How do you follow up a merry-go-round? If you're Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, you get your people to build an old-fashioned train car. From scratch. The steam engine it was attached to pulled into the Cour Carrée a few minutes after ten this morning. One by one, Jacobs' models de-boarded wearing outfits straight out of the golden age of railroading, followed by porters carrying as many as three bags per girl. The news on the bag front this season is their oversize proportions and exotic fabrications. "It's just a trip," Jacobs said afterward, but you could tell even he was chuffed by the grand spectacle of it all.
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NHL could force Cherry, MacLean off Hockey Night

Over the past 31 years, in a business in which 15 minutes of fame is often all you get, Don Cherry has probably lost count of the number of times somebody wanted him fired. 
If it wasn’t his own bosses or the more cerebral and dainty CBC upper management types, it was politicians in Quebec, or upset hockey executives, or angry European players, or Brian Burke, or somebody he tripped over who just didn’t like his inventive use of language. 
But soon, his own people at CBC Sports may be faced with a most difficult decision. Soon, as negotiations to renew Hockey Night In Canada’s contract with the National Hockey League commence, a determination on the future of Cherry and the ever-popular Coach’s Corner segment will have to be made.
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Friday, March 9, 2012


BILLY CORGAN, frontman for THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, will participate in a panel at the SXSW Interactive Conference next week. The singer, songwriter and guitarist will be joining Brian Solis, author of multiple books including “The End of Business as Usual,” Monday, March 12 (3:30 PM, Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D).
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Smashing Pumpkins Webisode #4 - Disarm

Top 10 Worst Mike Milbury Trades, Contracts, and Transactions

Many might remember Mike Milbury as the hockey player who jumped into the MSG stands and beat a fan with his own shoe. Others might remember Milbury for his many controversies on and off the ice, but New York Islanders fans are imprinted with other not-so-fond memories of their former GM and coach.
Even though Milbury, Charles Wang, and Sanjay Kumar helped the Islanders get back to the playoffs in the early 2000s, the various transactions that Milbury made as the GM of the Isles had some long-term effects on the organization.
Here’s a look at some of Mad Mike Milbury’s (worst) transactions from the late-90s to the mid-2000s:

Sidney Crosby Targeting Return Sunday Versus Big Bad Boston Bruins

On Wednesday, superstar center Sidney Crosby began to participate in full-contact, on-ice drills at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.
He made it through okay, with no setbacks, and now the countdown is on for when he will take the ice for his first game back.
He proved earlier in the season that his conditioning has been maintained, despite his post-concussion issues, by his rigorous on- and off-ice routines.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012



"Hugo" is unlike any other film Martin Scorsese has ever made, and yet possibly the closest to his heart: a big-budget, family epic in 3-D, and in some ways, a mirror of his own life. We feel a great artist has been given command of the tools and resources he needs to make a movie about — movies. That he also makes it a fable that will be fascinating for (some, not all) children is a measure of what feeling went into it.
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I thought I knew something about Rwanda, but I didn't really know very much. I was moved by "Hotel Rwanda" (2004), but not really shaken this deeply. Not like this. After seeing "Kinyarwanda," I have a different kind of feeling about the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994. The film approaches it not as a story line but as a series of intense personal moments.
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Kanye West Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear



Kanye West Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear



Susan Saladoff

The director of Hot Coffee, Susan Saladoff, talks about the myth of frivolous lawsuit.

  • 7th amendament
  • Accountable
  • Appeal
  • Burger King
  • Candidates
  • Civil harm
  • Corporation
  • Crazy lawsuit
  • Frivolous lawsuit
  • Gag order
  • Hot Coffee
  • Jack in the box
  • Judge
  • Manipulated
  • McDonald's
  • Medical bill
  • Myth
  • Poster child
  • Silenced
  • Susan Saladoff
  • System is broken
  • Tort
  • Tort deform
  • Tort reform
  • Trial
  • Trials by jury
  • Wrong dourer

Edits Quarterly x Ian Coyle

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Descendants

"The Descendants" has a happy ending. Therefore, technically, it's a comedy. It takes place in the paradise of Hawaii. It stars George Clooney. That may lead you to expect a pleasant good time, but this film is so much more than that. Clooney gives one of his best performances in this film directed and co-written by Alexander Payne, who in "Sideways" (2004) and "About Schmidt" (2002), showed a special affinity for men learning to accept their better feelings.
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The Descendants


There's a close-up in "Shame" of Michael Fassbender's face showing pain, grief and anger. His character, Brandon, is having an orgasm. For the movie's writer-director, Steve McQueen, that could be the film's master shot. There is no concern about the movement of Brandon's lower body. No concern about his partner. The close-up limits our view to his suffering. He is enduring a sexual function that has long since stopped giving him any pleasure and is self-abuse in the most profound way.
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Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says

This might be more serious problem than the global warming. What can we do about it in next few decades?
"the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM, some 56 million years ago, ... more than 5 to 10 percent of species ... (went extinct in) ... over less than 20,000 years," 
"During this time, ... ocean pH ... may have fallen as much as 0.45 units" 
"In the last hundred years, atmospheric CO2 has risen about 30 percent, ... (and) ... ocean pH has fallen by 0.1 unit." 
"pH may fall another 0.3 units by the end of the century" 
"the larvae of bay scallops and hard clams grow best at pre-industrial pH levels, while their shells corrode at the levels projected for 2100."  
"The decisions we make over the next few decades could have significant implications on a geologic timescale."


Friday, March 2, 2012

Julia Holter - Ekstasis



Winning Makes People More Aggressive Toward the Defeated



TEDxUIUC - Sherry Turkle - Alone Together

"the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship,"
"If we’re not able to be alone, we’re going to be more lonely."
"Reclaiming conversation. That's the next frontier."



Sherry Turkle

Sherry Turkle talks about her latest book called "Alone Together - Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other".

  • 15-years
  • Abundant
  • Alienate
  • Alone Together
  • Answering
  • Asking
  • Baby
  • Bath water
  • Breakfast
  • Degradation
  • Dinner
  • Email
  • Full attention
  • Funeral
  • Goth
  • Increase productivity
  • Intimacy
  • Live for
  • Long form
  • MIT
  • Messages
  • More from technology
  • Multitasking
  • Open
  • Performance exhaustion
  • Performance of you
  • Possible harm
  • Privacy
  • Quality
  • Reconsider
  • Respect
  • Sear volume
  • Sherry Turkle
  • Technology
  • Texting
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Where are you
  • iPhone

Depression: An Evolutionary Byproduct of Immune System?

Very interesting.



Lytro Camera Lets You Pick What's Blurry And What's Not

Cool new technology. Reinvention of camera.



How Marijuana Impairs Memory



Working memory



Silent Souls

Road movies take many forms, and "Silent Souls" is the road movie as metaphysical memory and meditation. This profound and immensely touching film in only 75 perfect minutes achieves the profundity of an epic. I read the description (two friends from the ancient Merjan tribe in Russia take a funeral trip involving the wife of one) and wasn't much interested; it sounded like ethnography without impact. Yet not often have I been more deeply touched.
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Limi Feu Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear




Pallbearer: Sorrow and Extinction


Sorrow and Extinction - Pallbearer

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Artist

Is it possible to forget that "The Artist" is a silent film in black and white, and simply focus on it as a movie? No? That's what people seem to zero in on. They cannot imagine themselves seeing such a thing. At a sneak preview screening here, a few audience members actually walked out, saying they didn't like silent films. I was reminded of the time a reader called me to ask about an Ingmar Bergman film. "I think it's the best film of the year," I said. "Oh," she said, "that doesn't sound like anything we'd like to see."
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Antonio Berardi Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear