Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iOS8:Framework:External Accessory Framework:Tasks

iOS8 Framework
  • Getting Connection Information
  • Getting the Manufacturer-Supplied Attributes
  • Accessing the Delegate
Accessory Manager
  • Getting the Shared Accessory Manager
  • Starting and Stopping Accessory Notifications
  • Presenting the Bluetooth Picker
  • Getting the Available Accessories
  • Initializing the Session
  • Getting Session Information
  • Getting the Communication Streams
WiFi Unconfigured Accessory
  • Getting Information About the Accessory
WiFi Unconfigured Accessory Browser
  • Initializing the Browser
  • Finding and Configuring Accessories
  • Accessing the Delegate
Accessory Delegate (Protocol)
  • Responding to Disconnection Events
WiFi Unconfigured Accessory Browser Delegate (Protocol)
  • Getting Updates About Browser State
  • Getting Updates About the Configuration Process
  • Getting Updates About the Search Process