Thursday, April 5, 2012

An AICN Reader Has Boarded Peter Berg's BATTLESHIP In Tokyo!!

An AICN reader named Jake Walsh attended yesterday's Tokyo premier of Peter Berg's bigscreen adaptation/alienificaton of the famous Hasbro game BATTLESHIP.

What follows are Jake's thoughts on the film. I've tweaked his contributions slightly to extract a SPOILER or two which maybe wouldn't have been fair to release so far out, but substabntively this is very much his report in full. We deeply appreciate his time and effort when sending this along.

His verdict? It's huge, oversized, Bay-esque extravagenza but without the heart and charm of Bay. I'll let Jake speak for himself from this point forward.

We can judge for ourselves when BATTLESHIP opens next month.
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Peter Berg (Director)

Tadanobu Asano