Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jake Adelstein: Hard Lessons Learned From Tough People (TEDxKyoto 2012)

Jake Adelstein

  • Detective Chiaki Sekiguchi
  • Learn to listen.
  • Repay the kindnesses bestowed upon you, keep your code, all is good.
  • There are no small promises. A man's promise should weigh more than his life.
  • It's okay to be betrayed, just don't be the betrayer. Betray others and you betray yourself. You won't be able to trust anyone.
  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You can tell more about a man by his enemies than you can by his friends. A man with no enemies is worthless.
  • In life we only encounter, the injustices we were meant to correct.
  • Code of honor
  • Aizukotetsu-kai (会津小鉄会)
  • Naoya Kaneko (金子直也)
  • マルボロ刑事
  • Code of ethics
  • Extortion (強要罪)
  • Blackmail (脅迫状)
  • 中野会
  • 暴力団排除条例
  • Toshiro Igari (猪狩俊郎)
  • Die while you are alive and be absolutely dead. Then do whatever you want: it's all good.
  • Zen master
  • Shidō Munan (至道無難)
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company (東京電力)
  • Criminal negligence (過失犯)
  • Common enemy